Sergio Rodrigues' Brasil - Milan 2016 - LinBrasil

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by LinBrasil
Selection of iconic and modernist furniture of the versatile Brazilian architect and designer Sergio Rodrigues (1927-2014), internationally recognized as the first to create, in the 50’s, a unique identity for Brazilian design His works are essentially made of solid wood, leather and straw, thereby establishing a distinctive identity, based on perfect fittings and sensual curves, permeating his line of furniture with an unconventional spirit and an extreme comfort.

It is estimated that during his long career he created more than 1,200 furniture projects, with some single pieces for specific architecture client

LinBrasil was established in 2001 as a licensed publisher of the Sergio Rodrigues Line of furniture and has since exclusively engaged in the work of the great master. According to Gisèle Schwartsburd, owner of LinBrasil “- faithfully respecting the original projects of his furniture pieces, although today we make use of available contemporary manufacturing techniques, almost 50% of the work is made by hand. The mission of LinBrasil is to publicize Sergio Rodrigues in Brazil and in the world.”

When: Tuesday 12 April to Sunday 17 April 2016
Dates & times: 12 to 17 April – 10am to 9pm
Press Conference: Tuesday 12 April – 10am to 7pm
Where: Il Milione Gallery
Address: Via Pietro Maroncelli, 7, 20154 Milan